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Le mardi 21 mai 2013 13:37:30 silvio a écrit :

Il 21/05/2013 12:45, laurent T ha scritto:

Le mardi 21 mai 2013 09:40:28 silvio a écrit :

> Hello,

> I'm testing the version 0.30A + svn2174 and I wanted to point out some

> missing phrases for translation.

> Even if the file qet_it.ts is fully translated in the window of

> "numerotation" some words are still in French.


> Finally, just a curiosity: the button "Help" in the lower left has no

> effect. Is this normal?


> Silvio


> menu


> annoter le schemas

Hi Silvio,

You use my debian packages ?

Updated TS files in rev 1275.

And yes this is normal the helper text aren't ready


I use this repository: unstable main

I have not yet figured out how to always have the latest version.
In a terminal, I do the following command:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

but I'm still at version 0.30A + svn2174


Yes, it 's my debian package you install, nice :-)

I do build deb new debian package, just after added new features and resolve bug, or big changes in translation.


For having always the last version: you do use Qet SUBVERSION (svn) and ssh client installed .

You know ?

Many Qet translators have read/write account in Qet subversion directory,they can update the latest commit in your working directory and upload themselves

their corrections.


For that must be know svn commands and subscribe a account in Tuxfamily [1] and ask working to Qet project, after I judge if I can see that person in the project. :p


If you want interesting please contact us in IRC channel


Serveur :

Port : 6667

Salon : #qet


Another way is to download the latest subversion version in anonymous mode[2], but you don't upload your changes and neither refreshed your local copy except if you delete this directory.




[2]svn export svn:// qet_trunk/





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