Re: [qet] [934] Deplacement du man tcheque et restauration du man anglophone.

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Hi again,

For your SVN problem : add this at the end of your ~/.bashrc file:
export EDITOR=nano

Type it in your current shell too, that will avoid you the need of sourcing 
again the .bashrc file, and you'll be able to type your commit message. Note 
you may also commit without using nano, simply by adding a -m flag to your 
commit command, e.g.:
svn ci -m "Updated Czech translations"

Another point: could you please stop posting to this mailing list *by 
answering to old, unrelated mail threads* (and changing their subject)? It 
makes the list ununderstandable :-/
Simply start a new mail addressed to qet@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, and everything 
will be alright :-)

Xavier G.
QElectroTech project developer

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