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On Sunday 28 August 2011 17:41:52 Markus Meissner, you wrote:
> Hi Xavier,

> Just found the subversion repostitory of qet and thinking of implementing
> a netlist generator for spice/kicad/pcb connectivity.
> There is this great project called Free-cad which could be used to
> implement a PCB Footprint generator - and this could be coupled with
> qelectrotech. 
> - So what I was thinking of is:
> -> add definitions/methodes to include parameters to elements like a
> universal unified id - uuid to identify the symbol. So a parameter could
> be a spice symbol with terminal definitions. Code could be used from
> GNUeda to connect to ngspice or simmilar spice simulators.
Well, why not -- could you be a bit more specific about the exact API you 
need? Would a simple setCustomProperty(const QString &) / 
customProperty(const QString &) be enough?
> -> Is there a way of documenting the code in English language - look at
> freecad - it is mainly coverd by german developers but the code
> documentation is in english.
New comments are written in English, but there is still a lot of code 
commented in French. Also, we'll have to swap the French strings with 
English translation on some day.

> -> which is the developing branch - are you merging back to trunk or are
> you developing in trunk?
We are currently developing in the 0.3 branch, which will be merged back in 
the trunk when we estimate it is ready. Feel free to check out this branch 
to work on a patch of yours.

> Cheers, Markus
Xavier G.
QElectroTech project developer

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