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Hi Xavier,


Just found the subversion repostitory of qet and thinking of implementing a netlist generator for spice/kicad/pcb connectivity.

There is this great project called Free-cad which could be used to implement a PCB Footprint generator - and this could be coupled with qelectrotech.


- So what I was thinking of is:


-> add definitions/methodes to include parameters to elements like a universal unified id - uuid to identify the symbol. So a parameter could be a spice symbol with terminal definitions. Code could be used from GNUeda to connect to ngspice or simmilar spice simulators.


-> Is there a way of documenting the code in English language - look at freecad - it is mainly coverd by german developers but the code documentation is in english.


-> which is the developing branch - are you merging back to trunk or are you developing in trunk?


Cheers, Markus

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