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Le dimanche 21 mars 2010 15:11:34 Paweł, vous avez écrit :
> Hi Xavier.
Hi Paweł,

> It seems that Polish translation is completed,
Indeed, you have translated a lot of things :)
You can watch here the status of the various translations of QElectroTech:

> I'm not sure whether all
> required files are translated. :
  * The most recent strings in the trunk directory: see attached .ts file. 
These strings appeared or were modified after I sent you the previous .ts 
  * The Unix manual : man/files/fr/man1/qelectrotech.1 - the format may look 
weird (some troff-related stuff if I remember correctly), be careful when 
editing it.
  * Could you also provide me the translation of the following string: 
"Éléments importés" / "Imported elements"

> Translated files have been checked for the presence of errors. It is
> still necessary to check
> in a running program.
There was just a missing '<' in the .ts file, which was easily corrected. I 
have added the qt_pl.* files, so that every dialog implemented by Qt is 
translated too (you shouldn't have to edit it).

For your information, you have also been added to the "About QElectroTech" 
dialog in the application and on the following page:

Thanks for your work.

> Greetings
> Paweł Śmiech
Xavier G.
QElectroTech project developer

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