Re: [pok-devel] GCC 4.7 and QEMU 1.1.0

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Yep, you have to update Ocarina. You can get the latest version on

Just install it with
../configure --prefix=/where/you/install/ocarina
make all install

Also, make sure you have a working Ada compiler to compile it :-)

On Thu, Jul 5, 2012 at 3:32 PM, Matias Hastaran
<matias.hastaran@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Good to hear that ! If you can add any information about that on the
>> wiki and if you can propose a patch for that issue, that would be
>> really nice also :-)
> I'm trying to commit the patch but I have an "AADL models are not syntaxically correct, please fix them !" in arinc653-errors,  arinc653-events, arinc653-queueing, arinc653-sampling, arinc653-threads examples.. (arinc653-blackboard and arinc653-buffer work fine..)
> Ocarina version :
> Ocarina 2.0w (r7344)
> And I Have the last version of pok repository.
> A solution ?
> Matias,

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