Re: [hatari-users] Anyone have a non-trivial keyboard mapping example?

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In general it's best to start by using scancode mapping (instead of symbolic), and telling TOS to use a suitable keymap.

Keymaps supported by different TOS country versions (and 512k & 1024k EmuTOS versions) are listed here:

If TOS supports multiple countries [1], there are Hatari "--country" and "--layout" options (saved to config file along with other options) to tell TOS which keyboard layout to use.

	- Eero

[1] TOS v4 and EmuTOS 512k & 1024k versions do.

On 20.1.2023 23.06, Kelly Hall wrote:
Hello Hatari Users!

I'm loving playing with Hatari 2.4.1 and getting a simple development
environment set up.  But I can't write any C code until my keyboard
can generate { and } symbols :)  When I'm running the Mark Williams
shell, or the attached micro emacs, [ and { map to (, and ] and } map
to ).

Does anyone have nontrivial examples that include mapping shifted
keys?  I've tried this this and while it doesn't cause errors, it
doesn't work, either:

My US (pc) keyboard has { and } as shift [ and shift ].

I'm using EmuTOS 1.2.1 if that matters.

Thank you!
Kelly Hall

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