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Title: Re: [hatari-users] Re: [hatari-users] Question regarding Hatari and MANDALA.PRG

Thank you, very kind of you, Eero. I'm sending the zip file to you separately, then. Meanwhile I have to confess that there's lots of stuff I don't understand in the settings of Hatari.


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Subject: [hatari-users] Re: [hatari-users] Question regarding Hatari and MANDALA.PRG


On 1/23/20 8:01 PM, Michel Tavir wrote:
> I am new to this list, so I hope that this the right way to proceed.
> I haven't had an Atari for 20 or 25 years, so, age helping, I remember very
> little of the TOS interface. But there is one graphics & sound program from
> 1989 called MANDALA that I'd like to revive. It's not to be found in this
> list: https://hatari.tuxfamily.org/doc/compatibility.html

There's so much ST software that (mostly)
only programs with which there have been problems
in some Hatari version are listed in that.

(For STE/TT/Falcon, it lists almost everything
we've tested though, as there's much less SW
that's specific or enhanced for those machines.)

> I have managed to install Hatari on my MacBook Pro with Mac OS 10.6.8 Snow
> Leopard, and for now I can live with the few bugs I came across. I did get
> MANDALA running ‹ the graphics part at least, because for some reason I
> cannot get any sound at all. Yet pressing keys does result in a click sound,
> so it's not like this installation of Hatari isn't sound-capable (as was the
> case, as far as I could understand, with MagicMacX, which I tried some years
> ago).

Only MANDALA program I know of, is 387 bytes in size and doesn't have
sound.  :-)

> Thanks for any help ‹ if needed I'll happily mail a copy of the program. It
> fills 135Kb, zipped 102Kb.

It's too large for the mailing list, but if you
send it to me directly, I can look into it.

 - Eero

> P.S. Is there a web interface to this list?

List archives are here:

And atari-forum.com Web forum has a section
for Hatari, which we sometimes check.

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