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On 1/3/19 11:10 PM, Charles Curley wrote:
I have an odd key mapping problem. Hatari, as of Sun Dec 16 13:31:19
2018 +0200, hg commit 7269:7e5cd2b03ab7. Debian 9.x as
updated. Keyboard is a Logitech USB keyboard. evemu-describe does not
return any identifiers.

Hatari appears to be swapping the `/~ key with the \/| key. That is to
get | I have to press ~. That's a bit of a problem.

Different TOS versions map Atari scancodes to different keys, and
individual Atari programs can also install their own key mapping
tables too.

As to Hatari side, there are 2 different methods for providing Atari
keyboard scancodes to emulation, one based on libSDL key scancodes,
and one based on libSDL key symbols.
Have you tried both?  And a TOS version which key mapping is closest
to what you want?

If you need to experiment, I'd recommend EmuTOS:

So I created a scancode file:


The 2b codes work correctly, and | shows up on the | key. However, the
~ key now acts like it's the insert key, and returns 0 and hex 52
('R'). Not good.

Any ideas on how to improve this?

Hatari includes tools to investigate what SDL and Atari scancodes
you actually get:

Atari scancode positions on a keyboard are shown in this image:

	- Eero

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