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On 09/02/2016 11:47 AM, Theo M wrote:
I have asked this question on the atarilegend forum as well but the hatari
userlist might be a more proper way to address this.

This is the question:

I like to create shortcuts (basically small scripts) on my desktop to be
able to execute Hatari savestates and after quiting the program the
savestate should be automatically saved.
I have managed to do that in the past with the following method.

1. check in the memory settings "load/save state at start-up/exit"
2. create a cfg file (in this case eliminator.cfg) for the individual games
and change the szMemoryCaptureFileName and szAutoSaveFileName like:
nMemorySize = 1
bAutoSave = TRUE
szMemoryCaptureFileName = /home/t_b/.hatari/eliminator.sav
szAutoSaveFileName = /home/t_b/.hatari/eliminator.sav
3. start Hatari from command line or script with : hatari -c

In Hatari 1.8 that doesn't seem to work anymore (or I am mistaken about the
method I described... it has been a few years since I tried it)
I can start the savestate, but after exiting the savestate is not
automatically saved. In the terminal the question is prompted
'/home/t_b/.hatari/eliminator.sav exists, overwrite?'
Currently using Slackware 14.1.

Any advise how to solve this?

Thanks for reporting this and sorry for not replying before.

Looking at the code it seems that this has been broken after
Hatari v1.4 until now.

Problem is that confirmation dialog was added for overwriting
the memory save file.  While that works fine for memory saves
invoked from Hatari config GUI, keyboard shortcuts and debugger,
query dialogs return false when invoked while Hatari is exiting.

Which is when autosave calls it...

I just fixed this in Hatari repo:

	- Eero

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