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I have asked this question on the atarilegend forum as well but the hatari userlist might be a more proper way to address this.

This is the question:

I like to create shortcuts (basically small scripts) on my desktop to be able to execute Hatari savestates and after quiting the program the savestate should be automatically saved.
I have managed to do that in the past with the following method.

1. check in the memory settings "load/save state at start-up/exit"
2. create a cfg file (in this case eliminator.cfg) for the individual games and change the szMemoryCaptureFileName and szAutoSaveFileName like:
nMemorySize = 1
bAutoSave = TRUE
szMemoryCaptureFileName = /home/t_b/.hatari/eliminator.sav
szAutoSaveFileName = /home/t_b/.hatari/eliminator.sav
3. start Hatari from command line or script with : hatari -c /home/t_b/.hatari/eliminator.cfg 

In Hatari 1.8 that doesn't seem to work anymore (or I am mistaken about the method I described... it has been a few years since I tried it)
I can start the savestate, but after exiting the savestate is not automatically saved. In the terminal the question is prompted '/home/t_b/.hatari/eliminator.sav exists, overwrite?'
Currently using Slackware 14.1.

Any advise how to solve this?


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