Re: [hatari-users] 320x240 LCD not working. What I'm I doing wrong?

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On maanantai 02 helmikuu 2015, Mathias Johansson wrote:
> Some time ago I got the idea of building a Atari ST emulator in the
> approximative formfaktor of a Atari Portfolio. It is based on an
> Raspberry Pi A+ and an Adafruit PiTFT 2.2" HAT #2315. And I plan to
> 3D-print the case.
> Remembering that my real Atari ST used something like 320x200 in 'Low
> mode' I thought this project possible. But I have run in to a brick-wall
> and maybe some on this list have the time to help?
> Facts:
> Hatari behaves normal if I use a HDMI monitor and 1920x1080 so the
> Hatari install is fine.
> The PiTFT displays both the terminal, X and a 'raw' frambuffer from
> PyGame correct so the PiTFT install is fine.
> I have read the manual and Googled a lot but no luck to get Hatari and
> the PiTFT to work together.

Which Hatari version you're using?

Is PyGame using same SDL version as Hatari, and is it v1 or v2?

What resolutions your monitor supports?   ("xrandr -q" output)

> Problem:
> If I start Hatari (both under X and from prompt) white the command:
> >hatari --borders false --max-width 320 --max-height 240 --desktop-st
> off --fullscreen --vdi-height 240 --vdi-width 320 --tos
> /home/pi/AtariTOS/tos206se.img

On my HP monitor this works fine with Hatari v1.6.2 and latest Hatari from 

Btw. Why do you want to use VDI mode instead of normal emulated Atari 

At normal Atari screen sizes it just unnecessarily causes compatibility 
issues.  You shouldn't be using it unless you want a clearly larger 
resolution where you actually get also some benefit out of it. :-)

> Hatari return some thing like:
> Warning invalid desktop size .... could not set mode no video-mode large
> enough for 284 x 252

This sounds like VDI mode size restriction (enforced because of TOS issues 
when sizes aren't specifically aligned).

> What I'm I missing? I have tried to not use max-width/height and/or
> vdi-height/width but the result was the same or worse. Why 284 x 252? Is
> 320x200 not possible?

Besides the xrandr output about all resolutions supported by your monitor, 
you could enabled "DEBUG" in beginning of resolution.c in Hatari sources, 
recompile Hatar and see what resolutions Hatari SDL code gets.

	- Eero

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