[hatari-users] 320x240 LCD not working. What I'm I doing wrong?

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Some time ago I got the idea of building a Atari ST emulator in the
approximative formfaktor of a Atari Portfolio. It is based on an
Raspberry Pi A+ and an Adafruit PiTFT 2.2" HAT #2315. And I plan to
3D-print the case.

Remembering that my real Atari ST used something like 320x200 in 'Low
mode' I thought this project possible. But I have run in to a brick-wall
and maybe some on this list have the time to help?

Hatari behaves normal if I use a HDMI monitor and 1920x1080 so the
Hatari install is fine.
The PiTFT displays both the terminal, X and a 'raw' frambuffer from
PyGame correct so the PiTFT install is fine.
I have read the manual and Googled a lot but no luck to get Hatari and
the PiTFT to work together.

If I start Hatari (both under X and from prompt) white the command:

>hatari --borders false --max-width 320 --max-height 240 --desktop-st
off --fullscreen --vdi-height 240 --vdi-width 320 --tos

Hatari return some thing like:
Warning invalid desktop size .... could not set mode no video-mode large
enough for 284 x 252

What I'm I missing? I have tried to not use max-width/height and/or
vdi-height/width but the result was the same or worse. Why 284 x 252? Is
320x200 not possible?

WR/ B Mathias Johansson

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