Re: [hatari-users] Result of testing Hatari with various hard disk drivers

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On 30/10/2014 17:44, Emmanuel Kasper wrote:
The reason ? I am trying to run a 68000 distribution of Mint, which needs a
Minix FS, which needs a hard disk driver with XHDI support.

Hello, Emmanuel.

You may know that MiNT has become open source and free software. It is still actively developed, the kernel is now called FreeMiNT. minixfs is still supported but obsolete: now the preferred way to use UNIX stuff is an ext2 partition, just like Linux.

For anything related to MiNT, I suggest you to register and post to the MiNT Mailing List:

People are very nice and active there (just like Hatari people here :-) ). When you post a question there, be sure it will be quickly answered by competent people with great MiNT knowledge.

Kind regards,

Vincent Rivière

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