[hatari-users] Gemdos drive + Hard Disk image, works fine in 1.6, doesn't in Trunk

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Hey Folks
With Hatari 1.6, I can happily mix a gemdos partition and a hard disk image and this with any Atari hard disk driver:

Hatari v1.6.2, compiled on:  Jun 24 2012, 20:59:45
Building CPU table for configuration: 68000 (compatible mode)
Hard drive image /home/manu/Projects/emul/atari/hard disk images/hd80mb.image mounted.
GEMDOS HDD emulation, G: <-> /home/manu/Projects/emul/atari/gemdos_hd.

This works with every hard disk driver I tried (AHCI, SCSITool, CBHD, ICD) without installing any driver in the gemdos partition ( I did not need the steps mentioned at http://hatari.tuxfamily.org/archive/berlios-ml-users/2009q4/000060.html ) Besides that the GEMDOS partition automatically gets assigne the next first miising letter after the hard disk image.

Now if I use this Hatari from trunk, the GEMDOS drive takes everything and I can't access my ACSI image.

WARNING: GEMDOS HD drive C: (may) override ACSI/IDE image partitions!

I guess it is a know change, but I don't understand the purpose of it.

Transferring data to from a gemdos to a hard disk image, allows for quite nice stuff, like downloading the Easymint zip on your gemdos HD, unpack it in a partition in a disk image and run it Mint from there. Well you can't make everyone happy I guess, and that use case was probably too specific ...



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