Re: [hatari-users] Can’t use TOS 2.06 with Hatari 1.50/1.62 - SOLVED: broken newdesk.inf

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On maanantai 01 lokakuu 2012, Götz Hoffart wrote:
> Am 01.10.2012 um 09:35 schrieb Eero Tamminen <oak@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> > Could you send your Hatari hatari.cfg file[1] and output from
> > Hatari's "trace --gemdos" option when you run Hatari with
> > TOS 2.06?
> It’s "hatari --trace gemdos" (didn’t know that option, good to know!)

Hatari can trace all OS calls (among other things), but gemdos is
typically most useful.  Note that tracing some OS calls requires
specifying extra options (see manual Debugger section on tracing),
because Hatari doesn't catch OS traps by default.

I've been slowly adding OS call argument output to different parts,
whenever debugging some issue seemed to need that.  For example
Hatari repo version has support for showing "intin" array contents
for AES calls and better console redirection than v1.6.2 release.

If you need something to be added to OS call tracing, just mail
the list.

> and when it printed the stuff in the Terminal it was clear: a broken or
> otherwise corrupted newdesk.inf. After renaming to newdesk.inx it
> worked.


> GEMDOS 0x48 Malloc(0x609318)			oooh, yes :-)
> GEMDOS 0x48 Malloc(0x609318)

Hm, it tried allocating >6MB twice.  I wonder did it want 12MB
in total or did TOS desktop think that extra memory appears from
somewhere between the calls?   :-)

	- Eero

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