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i mostly tested some stuff made on Stos, like SkateTribe game - the
screen gets black instead - i assume that Stos wouldn't open in the
same way

the tos i used (with their md5sum) are:
a5061025688a6cd459ba16a39bc9b06f  etos512k.img (emutos, i don't know
if they are compabibility issues)
c9093f27159e7d13ac0d1501a95e53d4  Tos206.img
886b9b6bb6afa287211a594e16f6ca67  Tos206x.img

i also thought that Stos were somehow popular in the Atari ST
emulation scene, since some of the stuff available (specially as
public domain) were made with it

btw, i don't know how can i mount folders (from the native Linux
filesystem) as hard disks, or put files inside an image-harddisk which
Hatari emulator could open, with native Linux tools, or tools would
work fine on Wine

i think this link can be useful:


On 5/8/12, Thomas Huth <th.huth@xxxxxx> wrote:
> Am Tue, 8 May 2012 16:04:37 +0100
> schrieb Paulo Silva <nitrofurano@xxxxxxxxx>:
>> i can't run Stos on Hatari - do someone is running it successfully, or
>> do we need some special Hatari configuration to run it?
> What's the exact problem? Can you elaborate a little bit? Do you run it
> from GEMDOS hard disk or from a floppy image? Which TOS version are you
> using?
>  Thomas

Don't give Microsoft the remote control. Don't use Windows 7.

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