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Am Tue, 8 May 2012 21:08:00 +0100
schrieb Paulo Silva <nitrofurano@xxxxxxxxx>:

> i mostly tested some stuff made on Stos, like SkateTribe game - the
> screen gets black instead - i assume that Stos wouldn't open in the
> same way
> the tos i used (with their md5sum) are:
> a5061025688a6cd459ba16a39bc9b06f  etos512k.img (emutos, i don't know
> if they are compabibility issues)
> c9093f27159e7d13ac0d1501a95e53d4  Tos206.img
> 886b9b6bb6afa287211a594e16f6ca67  Tos206x.img

Ok, then this is most likely the problem. STOS is quite an old
application, so it likely does not work with newer TOS versions anymore.
Try TOS 1.02 or 1.04, that should work (I just downloaded and played
SkateTribe with 1.04, so I suggest you try that version first).

> btw, i don't know how can i mount folders (from the native Linux
> filesystem) as hard disks, or put files inside an image-harddisk which
> Hatari emulator could open, with native Linux tools, or tools would
> work fine on Wine

Mounting a native folder should be quite easy when you use the GUI
(Press F12 -> Hard disks -> GEMDOS driver "Browse" Button). Some
additional information can also be found in the manual:


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