[hatari-users] Re: [hatari-devel] Hatari 1.6.0 "Happy New Year 2012" has been released

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Le 02/01/2012 15:53, Teemu Hukkanen a écrit :
Nicolas Pomarède<npomarede@xxxxxxxxxxxx>  writes:

Just in time to celebrate the new year 2012, the latest version of
Hatari has been released ; you can get it on
http://hatari.tuxfamily.org/ or directly in

I've just uploaded hatari 1.6.0 to Debian unstable. It will trickle down
to the testing distribution, and from that to the next Debian release.
Once it's in the testing distribution, it will automatically get to
Ubuntu as well, although I'll still have to check if it's in time for
the next Ubuntu release.

This version includes a WinUAE cpu core version as the binary
'hatari-winuae' in addition to the normal 'hatari' binary.

Thanks for pushing this.


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