[hatari-users] Hatari 1.6.0 "Happy New Year 2012" has been released

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Just in time to celebrate the new year 2012, the latest version of Hatari has been released ; you can get it on http://hatari.tuxfamily.org/ or directly in http://download.tuxfamily.org/hatari/

Sources are of course available, as well as prebuilt binaries for Windows (if someone can supply an OS X version, it will be added too).

Please note that Hatari is no longer hosted on berlios.de, but on tuxfamily.org.

Small changelog :

- More accurate FDC emulation (correct status bits and commands' timings, DMA transfer by blocks of 16 bytes, floppy change detection). This should fix a lot of non working games, as well as a few demos.
- More accurate microwire clock emulation
- SCSI class 1 (ICD) command support for drives > 1 GB
- Improve shifter (add another method to do 4 pixel hardware scrolling,
    better emulation for 0 byte blank line)
- Some fixes to the IKBD emulation
- Better filters and model for sound emulation
- Correct VBL timings in TT monochrome (double clicking works now)
- More cycle accurate Falcon DSP <-> CPU emulation.  All the demos that
  needed 32Mhz CPU with the old CPU core in Hatari v1.5, work now at
  correct 16Mhz with the WinUAE CPU core
- 030 MMU emulation with the WinUAE CPU core
- Debugger improvements : "history" command to list instructions executed before entering debugger.
- Fixed behavior of the Caps Lock key

Fixed Demos :
  Overscan Demos and Shforstv.exe by Paulo Simoes (black line at top),
  ACF - Just Bugging (FDC), Delirious Demo IV (FDC, shifter),
  Overdrive Demos - Snirkel Screen (IKBD), Oxygene - Stniccc2000 (FDC),
  Cream - Madness (FDC)

Fixed Games :
  Superior 65 - Super Monaco GP, DBug 24 - Knightmare, Pompey Pirates
  27 - X-Out, Fuzion 32 - Pang, Fuzion 108 - The Simpson, Fuzion 40 -
  Super Grand Prix, Fuzion 46 - Warlock, Fuzion 51 - Navy Seals, Fuzion
  61 - Gods, Fuzion 78 - Carmen Sandiego, Fuzion 82 - Flight Of The
  Intruder, Fuzion 83 - RBI Baseball 2, Fuzion 102 - Exile, PP46 -
  Yolanda, Medway Boys 15 - Murders In Venice, Medway Boys 83 - Yogi
  Bear, BBC 2 - Platoon, BBC 39 - The Deep, Superior 71 - The Running
  Man, Adrenaline 24 - Demon Blue, Superior 93 - Alien Storm

Fixed Misc Programs :
  Procopy 1.50, Terminators Copy 1.68, maxYMizer (caps lock key)

For best results in STF mode, please use TOS 1.04 (TOS 1.02 is sometimes causing crashes). For STE, use TOS 1.62 or 2.06.

See release-notes.txt for the full changelog.

Thanks to all the people who worked on this version by submitting code,
ideas and bug reports !


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