[hatari-devel] Best way to get next address from CPU core?

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Hi Nicolas,

I just worked around WinUAE CPU core disassembler segfault when profiler asks it for a next PC address (while profiling ScummVm, which has very long C++ symbol names [1]).

Is there some better way to get (memory-wise, not execution-wise) next instruction address for given address, other than asking CPU core to disassemble that address:

Does e.g. CPU core instruction decoder nowadays offer function to query size of an instruction at given address?

	- Eero

[1] C++ code symbols can be pretty much any size after demangling. This was the ScummVm symbol triggering the segfault:
$ echo _ZNK6Common7HashMapINS_6StringEiNS_4HashIS1_EENS_7EqualToIS1_EEE6lookupERKS1_ | c++filt Common::HashMap<Common::String, int, Common::Hash<Common::String>, Common::EqualTo<Common::String> >::lookup(Common::String const&) const

Note: Hatari debugger does not support demangling yet, but that could be added:

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