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Nicolas Pomarède schrieb:

It's not about lessening what he did, but we're talking about different
hardware, so what can benefit for jaguar is not necessarily working for ST.

I agree -- with both parts of the sentence. BigPEmu is an impressive
achievement. But emulating a Jaguar is also very different from what
Hatari does. To begin with, the stated goal is "run every game in the
Jaguar's retail cartridge library" (50 games, according to Wikipedia).
This -- again without wanting to downplay his work -- is different from
intending to accurately run every software that exists for Atari ST,
STE, TT, and Falcon.

also, he wrote himself in the todo list that the emulator should emulate
bus access (not the case at the moment) and have cycle accuracy, so this
simplifies things a litlle at the moment.

The FAQ also states: "Timing imperfections here are inherent in
BigPEmu's default approach of emulating the Jaguar without lockstepped
emulation of each bus access. The heuristic estimates for determining
cycle usage during bus contention will often be incorrect [...]".

we don't know and at the
moment there's no source code to have a look.

The FAQ doesn't read as if the source code is going to be released.

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