[hatari-devel] Hatari freeze on XaAES quit with TT + MMU + 24-bit emulation

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Hatari hard-freezes with following:

1. Download latest FreeMiNT + XaAES snapshot:
wget https://tho-otto.de/snapshots/freemint/bootable/freemint-1-19-f1e0c550-02060-tt_falcon_clones.zip

2. Extract it:
   unzip freemint*.zip

3. Remove SCC drivers to avoid MiNT startup freeze:
   rm mint/*/*/scc.xdd

4. Make 24MB HD image out of it:
   atari-hd-image.sh 24 mint.st MiNT mint/

5. Boot that with TT + MMU + 24-bits (EmuTOS is needed to access HD image):
hatari --tos etos1024k.img -s 14 --machine tt --mmu on --addr24 on --acsi mint.st

6. Switch to XaAES from Teradesk "Desk" -> "Clients" menu

7. In XaAES, click on "Process" -> "Quit all Apps" menu item

8. Then click on "Process" -> "Quit XaAES"

=> After second or two, Hatari freezes completely.

It spends all of its time here:
  45.77% hatari  m68k_run_mmu030
  21.69% hatari  op_0000_35_ff
  15.87% hatari  get_word_030_prefetch
  14.05% hatari  do_specialties
   0.41% swapper mwait_idle_with_hints.constprop.0

(Above is whole system profile provided by "perf record -a".)

NOTE-1: This is not a v2.4 git regression as same freeze happens also with v2.3.1.

NOTE-2: Hatari freeze does not happen if I disable MMU, use 32-bit addressing, use Falcon, or skip step 7).

	- Eero

PS. After you "killall -9 hatari", you most likely need to recreate the image because XaAES somehow manages to loose its "xaaes.cnf" configuration file.

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