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I've tested a lot of falcon demos, music programs and games.

I've notices regressions with :

- mars_dsp.prg (I think it's the same problem than flaysid (the 68030 waits forever at instruction

btst      #1,$ffffa202.w

and the DSP code seems to do something else).

But is it related to my patch or to new Falcon timings ? ...

I'd like to revert my patch to test if it runs better with the old code or not.

 - Xperience by Abstract stops at the 4096 dots screen (it was running to the end with previous Hatari versions). I don't think the flaysid bug is involved here (the 68030 goes to $e00fb6).



Le 19/06/2022 à 22:38, Nicolas Pomarède a écrit :
Le 17/06/2022 à 21:04, Eero Tamminen a écrit :

On 17.6.2022 21.46, Wilson Bradley wrote:
Pardon my ignorance here..
When will a new (compiled) release happen?

As soon as the currently open regressions & new issues have been verified to be fixed, and discussed doc & GUI clarifications have finished.

Because clocks have been changed, it then requires rerunning tests (e.g. TOS bootup tester) to make sure these fixes did not introduce regressions of their own.

If everything goes fine, everything could be done sometime next week.

Testing / fixing issues has been going for longer than for most releases, so I'm not sure whether Nicolas has still enough free time to do the release right away after that.


I should still have time time to do the release,it might take a few days once everything is ready, but it will happen :)

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