Re: [hatari-devel] Regression in Hatari w.r.t. "ST High" video mode

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On 14/06/2022 13.05, Christian Zietz wrote:

lately, I compiled Hatari for Linux on AArch64, which I haven't done
before. There, I noticed that ST High (monochrome) video mode would not
work. The screen would just stay white except for the status bar; while
the floppy access indicator showed that otherwise the emulated ST was in
fact running. On the same system, ST High works when compiling Hatari
2.3.1 instead.
> Bisecting lead me to the following commit as cause for the regression:
"Add sanity checks to avoid accesses beyond the end of the ST-RAM":
I added some debug printfs to see the variables which are involved in
the check that was added by this commit:
fvram, nextline, (Uint16 *)&STRam[STRamEnd]
DEBUG: 0x7f94b8e010 28 0x7f87c70010
DEBUG: 0x7f94b01010 28 0x7f87c70010

As you can see, the "fvram" is outside the ST RAM area, causing the
check to fail and, therefore, the screen to be drawn white. I did not
have time to fully debug this. But I think this happens because for mono
mode a separately allocated screen buffer pSTScreen is used:

If that memory allocation by chance happens to be *below* the ST RAM,
the check passes; otherwise (like on my AAarch64 system), it fails.
Imho, this needs to be fixed before a 2.4 release.

Oh, drat, I added the checks with src/falcon/videl.c in mind that calls Screen_GenConvert(&STRam[videoBase], ...), i.e. fvram indeed points somewhere in the STRam[] array here. But Screen_ConvertHighRes() from screen.c uses the buffer that you spotted instead, so these checks are currently wrong. Thanks a lot for the hint, Christian, I'll try to come up with a solution (might take a while, though, since I'm pretty busy this week). As a temporary workaround, you could revert commit c3875fc8bf3148c and configure the sources with "--disable-small-mem", I think.


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