Re: [hatari-devel] Preparing for next release 2.4

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Le 31/05/2022 à 00:20, Eero Tamminen a écrit :

Status update on my remaining items...

On 24.5.2022 3.20, Eero Tamminen wrote:
On 8.5.2022 21.55, Eero Tamminen wrote:
But what I'm hoping to look into before release are:
>> * Run TOS boot tester with several TOS versions

I already did one run, but I think I need to re-run everything after EmuTOS + 030 MMU regression is fixed.

After the fix, I think somebody should check also bunch of Falcon demos.

Laurent, would you have time for that?

I can do some tests with standard Falcon TOS if you want.

Just tell me when everything is stable and I'll do some non regression testing on Falcon.

(I haven't seen some demos, games or utilities since 2-3 months and it's time for me to run them again ;)


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