Re: [hatari-devel] Can't build Hatari on Mac if PortMidi is not installed

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Hi Chris,

Thanks for reporting the issue!

On 23.5.2022 19.49, Chris Jenkins wrote:
I tried to build Hatari on my Mac (which does not have the PortMidi
library) and found that the build was failing with the following:

/Users/cdpj/GitProjects/hatari/src/gui-osx/PrefsController.m:575:21: error:
implicit declaration of function 'Midi_Host_GetPortName' is invalid in C99
         while ((portName = Midi_Host_GetPortName(portName, +1, true)))

It turns out that the function Midi_Host_GetPortName is not built at all if
PortMidi is not found on the machine

I seem to have broken that 1/2 year ago with this midi.c change:

This shows what PortMidi midi.c support code initially looked like in 2017:

but that the Mac UI code that calls it
_*is*_ built (and fails because the function definition doesn't exist).

This shows all the places where PortMidi support was integrated to OSX GUI initially:

Attached is my initial attempt to fix it. Note that this is my first
attempt to contribute code to Hatari so I'm unsure whether I've done the
right thing. In particular, I'm not sure if it's ok to #ifdef out parts of
the UI initialisation code, or precisely how much to #ifdef out. I'm
interested in any feedback on the approach.

I'm not sure what's the best place to put the ifdefs:
* Ifdef out just calls to non-existing midi.c functions, like you did
* Ifdef all PortMidi related code out of OSX GUI code, not just calls to midi.c functions
* Add ifdefs back to inside of the midi.c functions
* Provide separate dummy functions in midi.h when PortMidi is not enabled (like Linux kernel project does to minimize places where ifdefs are needed)

My preference would there to be MIDI device support without PortMidi also in the OSX GUI, not just in the SDL GUI.

I mean, MIDI devices are used also for other things than MIDI events, like debug output and networking. PortMidi does not work for those use-cases, for that one needs to be able to specify a file name instead, when PortMidi support is not enabled.

(Among other things, this doc includes examples of how to forward Hatari MIDI device data over internet:

	- Eero

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