Re: [hatari-devel] Recent regression (commit 527b68f6)

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On 5.2.2022 19.40, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
this is likely the same bug that Eero reported in "freeze in mfp / interrrupt code" and similar to the one I saw too when booting with tos 1.04.

From what I see, it's related to TOS timer D that runs very fast at boot with earlier tos version (timer ctrl=1 data=2) and this messes with new mfp/cycint code. A possible fix is to enable the option in system "patch timer d" while waiting for a proper fix in the code.

I'm pretty sure my hang was with that enabled.

(I have it enabled by default because I do not run anything needing that frequent timer-D ints. E.g. Hatari compatibility list has only three games that need it.)

	- Eero

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