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I'm unsure whether this is an EmuTOS issue or a Hatari issue, so I am
sending to both.

I have an Atari ST application I use a lot, a Forth environment. I have
it running on Harai 2.3.1+dfsg-1 on Debian 11 (Bullseye). The Forth
program is a .ttp program, so when I click on it I can provide come
arguments to the program, much like launching a C compiler with
arguments such as the file to be compiled. I typically use that to have
the program do some further setup. All of that works, both from EmuTOS'
desktop, EmuCON, and from msh, the shell that Mark Willams C provides.

I have also developed a Linux desktop meant to launch the Forth and have
it do some setup. Alas, it launches Forth correctly, but the
rest of the command never gets to the Transient Process Area's command
line area. A dump of memory shows all 0s from the beginning of the
command line area (TPA + 0x80) to the end of the TPA (TPA + 0x100).

The command line entry in the .desktop file looks like so:

Exec=/bin/sh -c "hatari --screenshot-dir ${HOME}/Pictures --natfeats on --confirm-quit false --tos-res med --auto 'C:\FF\FAST4TH.TTP 3 load' --gemdos-drive O %f"

That "3 load" is the command I would like to see FAST$TH.TTP execute.

Does anybody read signatures any more?


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