Re: [hatari-devel] MIDI IRQ handling bug

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On 13.12.2021 23.18, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
I didn't check why it fails when calling Midi_Reset from Midi_Init (but at early startup not everything is ready to handle interrupts), but nevertheless I don't think it matters as it's certainly a better place to call Midi_Reset when checking config's changes as you did.

We already call Cold_Reset if a config change requires it, so it seems ok to me to call Midi_Reset in that case.

As for all the variables reset in Midi_Reset beside just starting the timer, I don't think it's a problem ; it will just be the same as reseting any bytes that was currently transferred (ie we didn't receive all 8 bits yet), which doesn't seem a problem to me and acceptable in the case where the midi device was changed on the fly.

so, good to go :)

Thanks, I pushed it after some fine-tuning.

	- Eero

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