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On 1.12.2021 21.04, Eero Tamminen wrote:
It's not a bug, it works as documented.  Enabling keymap support means having symbolic key mapping as fallback.

I've added note about that now also for CLI
options, earlier it was noted only for SDL GUI options.

(I also pushed the NVRAM lang/layout value
setting option.)

	- Eero

And in this case both scancode 46 & 48 have the same symbolic key code 0x40000000, so they cannot be mapped to a different ST scancode.

Actually, on my machine, there are 179 SDL scancodes that map to the same SDL 0x40000000 symbolic key code, according to Hatari "listkeys" tool...

As to whether this is SDL bug, depends on user's keyboard and what keyboard mapping is being used for that on the host.  As well it can be a deficiency in user's host keyboard mapping, if these two keys do not provide a different symbol for SDL, one that it has a mapping for:

     - Eero

On 1.12.2021 17.35, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
I didn't code for keymap recently, so I forward your question to hatari-devel list.

please subscribe to the list if you want to be updated, it's better than using my email directly :)


Le 01/12/2021 à 16:32, donittel2@xxxxxxxxxx a écrit :

i found a small bug, in the keymap function, but i can't coding.



Activate the key map file in Hatari GUI Config Keyboard

so the Scancode 48 send allways same as the Scancode 46, so is no translation by keymapfile

key down: sym=1073741824 scan=46 mod=0x1000 name=''
key map: sym=0x40000000 to ST-scan=0x0d
key up: sym=1073741824 scan=46 mod=0x1000 name=''
key down: sym=1073741824 scan=48 mod=0x1000 name=''
key map: sym=0x40000000 to ST-scan=0x0d
key up: sym=1073741824 scan=48 mod=0x1000 name=''


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