[hatari-devel] Debugger commands address argument inconsistencies

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What address related arguments are accepted
by different debugger commands is not very
> h d
'disasm' or 'd' - disassemble from PC, or given address
Usage:  d [<start address>[-<end address>]]

> h dd
'dspdisasm' or 'dd' - disassemble DSP code
Usage:  dd [<start address>[-<end address>]]

> h m
'memdump' or 'm' - dump memory
Usage:  m [b|w|l] [<start address>[-<end address>| <count>]]

> h dm
'dspmemdump' or 'dm' - dump DSP memory
Usage:  dm [<x|y|p> <start address>[-<end address>]]

> h savebin
'savebin' - save memory to a file
Usage:  savebin <filename> <address> <length>

I wonder whether all of these commands should
support both ways to specify address range:
* <start>-<end>
* <start> <count>

Like CPU memdump does?

	- Eero

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