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On 23.10.2021 19.12, Roger Burrows wrote:
I'm trying to debug an EmuTOS issue (as usual).  I want to dump a big range of
memory to a file for subsequent examination.

> help savebin
'savebin' - save memory to a file
Usage:  savebin filename address length
	Save the memory block at <address> with given <length> to
	the file <filename>.

You can then use your favorite PC tool for
examining the data, for example:

I know I can do this by
redirecting ALL stderr output to a file when I start Hatari, but then I can't
see what I'm doing.  I guess I could dump it to the console then copy that to a
file, but that seems very clunky to me (and also I might run out of space if I
dumped e.g. 4MB).  Is there any other way?  I would like to be able to switch
the output file from the debugger prompt, but that doesn't seem possible.

Or are you asking about file option for memdump & disasm commands?

For disassembly that would be easy, but memdump
has multiple optional args, so adding one with
different type would be a bit awkward.

	- Eero

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