[hatari-devel] hatari fails to build on RISC-V architecture

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I'm working on getting hatari packaged for Arch Linux on RISC-V
architecture, but it fails to build from source.
I found that there is a naming collision: the symbol `REG_A0` is
already defined in <sys/ucontext.h> on Linux RISC-V as follows:
--- /usr/include/sys/ucontext.h:38
# define REG_S0 8
# define REG_S1 9
# define REG_A0 10
# define REG_S2 18
# define REG_NARGS 8
And in ./src/m68000.h, `REG_A0` is defined to specify register A0 in
M68000. This causes hatari to fail to build on RISC-V machines. Would
it be better to change the identifier of these macros, like adding a
prefix like `M68K_REG_A0` or something else?

My workaround patch:

Albert Zhang (a.k.a. rvalue)

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