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While going through:

And the Google image search results, I noticed
that there are quite a few keypads that offer
also other keys than numbers, e.g. letters.

Although such keypads are a bit rare, maybe we
should convert those keys to corresponding Atari
keys too?

	- Eero

PS. Sorry for the large number of mails.

On 14.10.2021 22.41, Eero Tamminen wrote:
On 14.10.2021 22.12, Eero Tamminen wrote:
I'm wondering about your oldish patch to keypad code:
I do not understand why you removed support for
KP0 instead of fixing the "if" check.  On my
keyboard, in addition to 1-9, numlock affects
also keypad '0' and ',' key...

',' is on other Keypads '.'.

(my keyboard is Scandinavian one)

What's the reasoning?

I mean, if the purpose was just to check for
keys that matter, also KP1 should have been
removed, and comment about that added to "if".

Another thing is that Hatari code maps:
- 7: Insert
- 9: Home

Whereas my keyboard keypad buttons themselves
tell them to represent:
- 7: Home
- 9: Page up [1]
- 1: End
- 3: Page down [1]
- 0: Insert
- .: Delete

Wouldn't it make more sense to map them to these,
or are there numlock equipped keypads with other

(Quick Google image search shows same labels
for all keypads with annotations on them, but
I may be getting localized results.)

     - Eero

[1] Could output Ctrl/Shift + up/down, after
modifier support is there.

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