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Le 10/09/2021 à 19:03, Toni Wilen a écrit :

Toni had mentioned earlier that he's not against
adding options to the disassembly output.

Thanks for reminding :)

I added some options (not yet public).

- lowercase/uppercase (separate flags: instruction name, size specifier, hex values, register names)
- include calculated condition (T/F)
- include calculated EA
- include value pointed by EA
- include opcode words (+min and max number of words to output)
- hexadecimal value prefix (any string, for example $, 0x or nothing)

Anything else? :)


just to let you know that I pushed the changes by Toni to allow fine tuning of the disasm output. This can now be changed using the disasm_flags.

See disasm.h for a list of value, default setting is at start of disasm.c.

If someone feels like doing a configurable option for disasm_flags when entering the debugger, you're welcome to do so ;)


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