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On 8.9.2021 20.13, Thorsten Otto wrote:
My idea was that this opcode does not use any parameters, nor modifies any
registers (not even D0)
BKPT is an 68020 only opcode, IIRC. "illegal" is often used by native Atari
debuggers to set breakpoints. Using any of these may conflict with those

If the idea is to really to have minimal impact,
best is to have no impact.

I.e. add the breakpoints to the code as symbols,
not as code.

With the attached patch, one can use this to break
on all symbols:
	b PConSymbol > 0

As patch causes all symbol addresses to trigger
that particular breakpoint, one option would be
change it to trigger only for symbols that have
some specific prefix, for example "_hatari_dbg_".

(In C-code one would leave out '_' from start as
all C-symbols are automatically prefixed by it.)

	- Eero

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