Re: [hatari-devel] Natfeats doc?

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On Dienstag, 7. September 2021 15:50:56 CEST Troed Sångberg wrote:

> I don't see "trigger debugger" in the Aranym Natfeats doc)


That's because that NatFeat is only implemented by Hatari, but not by Aranym.


The principle is the same as with other natfeats:

- get the ID of the function, by executing the NATFEAD_ID opcode, passing it "NF_DEBUGGER" as function name. If that opcode does not throw an illegal exception, and D0 after the call contains some other value as zero, the feature is supported.


- or in the subfunction number. In your case, the feature does not have any subfunctions.


- pass that value to nf_call, along with any arguments (if any)


tests/natfeats/natfeats.c in Hatari has some example code, as well as the various nf_*.c files in mintlib.



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