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On 5.9.2021 20.04, Roger Burrows wrote:
I agree 100% with your comments: both on how things could be a lot nicer, and
also how invaluable the debugger already is.  Some other things to throw in:

(1) For casual and semi-casual users like me, a graphical interface (like I'm
used to with the DevPac debugger / XDEBUG) is much easier to handle.  I know
that the scripting stuff built-in is very powerful, but I almost never use it
because it's complicated.
(2) I really like being able to break when things are modified (although I
often try to use the 'b' command when I should be using the 'a' command,
another mildly-confusing part of the debugger).

'breakcond' (bo) command can be always used, as it's superset of 'address' (a) command.

For now, 'address' command is just a simpler
alias for conditional breakpoints.

(There was a plan to create separate simpler
address based breakpoints for use in graphical
debugger, but that never happened.)

(3) There have been times when I wished that I could break when a memory
location is read from or written to ('b' only works for the  latter if the
value changes).  But that's a low-priority request compared to Miro's

That's something I would also be interested and
what's supported by STeem debugger.  It's been
on Nicolas' TODO list for years...

But I'll repeat that the debugger is really invaluable as it is, and many
thanks to the Hatari folk for providing it!

	- Eero

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