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Le 01/09/2021 à 23:13, Christian Zietz a écrit :
Eero Tamminen schrieb:

On 29.8.2021 23.39, Miro Kropáček wrote:
I've been playing with Hatari's debugger for the past few days and I don't get one thing. Why does it always show $0000000 as the target address? Like

CPU=$1889a, VBL=972, FrameCycles=565296, HBL=276, LineCycles=48, DSP=N/A
0001889A 66fa                     BNE.B #$fa == $00000000 (T)

There wasn't a single case where I'd see something else. The T/F indicator
works, the jump itself works, I just don't understand that that zero is
supposed to mean. Latest Hatari, nothing strange, just stepping the code.

I think either Toni or Nicolas need to answer this...

Well.... It seems that the UAE disassembler uses 0xFFFFFFFF as a special
value to indicate whether a source or destination address is valid:
Hatari, however, for reasons unknown to me, initializes these variables
to 0 instead:
Unfortunately, when printing the target address, it checks for the
special value to decide which address to use and ends up using deaddr2
instead of seaddr2:


good catch, thanks for pointing it.

it seems that at one point I did not fully merge some WinUAE's change into Hatari and this results in these difference (in that case, Hatari should use the same code as WinUAE)

I will do a diff between the 2 source trees to see if there're more point to fix.


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