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Le 26/08/2021 à 20:41, Troed Sångberg a écrit :
I did - it was discussed on #atariscne IRC a few times during development. I haven't had time to test it yet but considering the demoscene origin I expect I will love it :)

The obvious question then becomes whether to mainline the new debugger interface.


just had a look at the screenshot, and there're definitely some good ideas. Maybe we need to let Tat settle things first and then see how it could be added to main hatari. the gfx debugger is nice (although I have a much-better-never-released version myself as a stand alone 68000 program :) )

From what I understand, the debugger UI uses a separate dir + some patches to support sending commands over TCP to hatari, so it seems quite posible to do, depending on Tat's will.


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