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Thomas Huth schrieb:

Happy birthday, Hatari!

According to Hatari's doc/release-notes.txt file, the very first
version of Hatari, version 0.01, has been released 20 years ago, on the
21st of May 2001.

Congratulations and thank you to you and all contributors for their
excellent work. I started using Atari ST emulation with PaCifiST, and
continued doing so for a long time. Since my focus was on using
applications and software development for the ST, and not on gaming or
demos, it suited me well. When PaCifiST became very outdated, I used
Steem for quite a while; I only arrived fairly recently to Hatari (in
comparison to the 20 years of its existence). IIRC, somewhere around
version 1.8.0, when my interest in the Atari platform grew again.

Nowadays, though, Hatari is my preferred emulator because of its
accuracy, the wide range of CPUs and systems that it emulates, and
because of its powerful debugger.

Felicitations, again. I am looking forward to the next 20 years :-).

Christian Zietz  -  CHZ-Soft  -  czietz@xxxxxxx
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