Re: [hatari-devel] Possible bug in 060 exception stack frames

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On Sonntag, 17. Januar 2021 20:10:36 CET Toni Wilen wrote:


> Amiga 68060 library I used has a bug in CAS.


Thats funny. All the libraries i've seen so far (linux, NetBSD, and some others) are identical. I wonder how they managed to modify it, since the sources are not compilable out-of-the-box (amongst others, the sun-assembler seems to have the operands for the cmp instruction swapped).


> It seems to be caused by an assembler bug:


Thats strange, because currently the produced files (the *.sa) are binary identical to the original ones. If in doubt, you can remove the dependencies on it in the Makefile (so they don't get rebuilt), and copy the ones from src/orig to the root directory.




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