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On 12/21/20 10:59 AM, Laurent Sallafranque wrote:
I've read the whole falcon compatibility list and gave a closer look to the 2.3 and  2.3.1 entries.

I've also rechecked some programs to verify some comments, because sometimes, I had another perception of some programs behaviour.

I'm OK with the comments you added or changed. They're more precise than before.

You also added new entries or I'm still asleep ? ;)


I notices a little typo in the cavemania description (there's a "*b*" that should be removed):

Some menus are black (space gets through them). Scrolling to bottom of game area *b* shows garbage. Background music with DSP emu


For EKO epidemic musicDisk, there's a bug fixed version from GGN that works well. In his HTML page (, GGN writes :

/"With about a week or two left for the party, GGN got a request from Lotek Style of tSCc. Specifically, an old music disk by EKO called //Epidemic <>//has never behaved properly - the intro would run but the music selector would crash violently. A quick fix was made for it, yet many issues still remain: there is a lot of screen tearing on the 3D objects in the background which (given the short time frame) weren't apparent to fix. Also a tune was missing, and that's because this music disk appears to be a port of a PC music disk //of the same name <>//- the //tune in question <>//is an 8 channel .mod file, something that the player was not capable of playing. Fortunately Lotek managed to source a 4 channel version so cheers to him and the person that did the conversion (details are a bit sketchy, either the tune was converted using a tool or was hand fixed)."/

So, maybe the original EKO demo doesn't work at all and that's not hatari's fault ?

Sounds plausible.  The new version works,
so I replaced the old version with that one.

(Except for working now, it behaves similarly
in regards to sound and DSP requirement with
different Hatari versions.)

Some entries in the compatibility list are written 2.3.1 and some are written 2.3+. Is it a typo ?

Left overs.  I've fixed them all now.

For Stocasto demo, I would have written : "music didn't work before Hatari 2.3.1"


Just for info (not to be mentioned in the compatibility list), Terrorise your soul screens are all wrong with my quick videl patch (I had to remove it to check that the demo works well).


AFM (audio fun machine) : I would color it to orange and add this comment :  glitchy sound (or noise) when equaliseur is selected. sound is perfect otherwise.   (Eero, can you confirm ?)

I can hear the noise with equaliser enabled, but
otherwise I can't test it.  I added slightly
edited version of your info.

Flaysid (v3.01): my computer is a very fast, last generation PC (core I7),  and the music is cristal clear. I've tested a few sids I have on my harddrive. I think it works well with hatari.

Good to know, fixed.

That's all.

I think that we've done a complete testing of Falcon programs and this gives a good photo for the later fixes or regressions.

Thanks, I pushed an updated version.  Please give
it a quick check too!

I tried changing "FPU" to "020+ FPU", but it
didn't IMHO look good.  Maybe "(for 020+ CPUs)"
under the FPU options list?

Any comment on this?

(Then there's also addr24 / TT-RAM warning.)

	- Eero

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