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On 12/2/20 5:20 PM, Laurent Sallafranque wrote:
I've pushed a patch to fix both stocasto and H2O music (and still allow to play MP2 musics like in the Wait demo or DHS music disks).

I can update the documentation.

I've tested a few demos and games and didn't notice any regression, but don't hesitate to do some tests on your side.

Nicolas may need to do extra 2.3.1 release due
to IDE crash regression, so I've been keeping my
own code changes out.

I guess it's actually better to do bug fixes
from a separate branch though (forked e.g. from
2.3.0 release notes typo fix commit just before
your fix).

The main problem was that some programs like H2O set the "crossbar to DSP" transfer in handshake mode, but on the DSP side, the DSP still wait for the master clock of the crossbar.

The previous version of the crossbar code always considered that if the program sets a handshake connexion, the DSP was the owner of the master clock, which is wrong.

I've fixed it with a new variable : handshakeMode_masterClk

If the DSP SSI sends a SC1 signal, it is the owner of the master clock, as it sends it to the crossbar.So the new variable keeps the info that the DSP is the master clock. Else, it's the crossbar that is the master clock.

I think it would be better to use bool as type
for variables with only two values (i.e. true /
false), instead of int with magic 0 & 1 values.

	- Eero

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