Re: [hatari-devel] Suggested patch to fix problem handling STOP when DSP is active

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On 10/29/20 11:41 PM, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
good point, I did something to update MFP while in stop state, but DSP should also be updated as it's similar to MFP running in parallel of the CPU.

But doing it on a 100 cycles basis is not really fully accurate, so I did the attached patch where DSP_Run is called on each loop during the STOP state (at the interval where MFP is updated too).

Please check if it improves sound in your case (maybe it will require more CPU than your patch on every 100 cycles)

This works as fine as my updated version of
Roger's patch (see my previous mail), and
IMHO should be included to next release, it's
such a significantly improvement for EmuTOS.

I don't think there's any significantly
CPU usage difference.

What about old AUE core, will you do similar
change there, or will we just decide it's too
inaccurate for DSP music playback anyway?

(And going to be removed in few releases.)

Patch is for current dev version, but it's easy to apply it to Hatari 2.2

	- Eero

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