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Hi Thomas,

You did recently some changes to readme.txt:

+       cmake -G "Unix Makefiles" ..
+       gmake -j$(getconf _NPROCESSORS_ONLN)
+       gmake install

On Debian & Ubuntu, 'gmake' seems to come only from "freebsd-glue" package (depended by "freebsd-buildutils" package):

Hatari having dependency on something obscure like that isn't acceptable. Please change that back to "make".

"getconf" comes from "libc-bin", which is essential package, so it's fine, as long as there's an automated test that makes sure that we don't accidentally break parallel builds although we now recommend it.

I've seen $("nproc") (which comes from essential "coreutils") used more often for specifying the core count than "getconf" though.

Is '-G "Unix Makefiles"' needed anywhere else than Windows?

	- Eero

Ps. For parallel builds, I nowadays prefer ninja ("-G ninja"), as that will automatically use all cores, and is otherwise fast. I just don't know how easily it's available on Windows & Mac. On Debian derived distros, it comes from "ninja-build" package.

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