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Hi all,

I've given a try to nearly all the falcon games of the list.

I've just reported here the differences with the current comments.

The programs that were working and still work are not reported.

There are some games I don't have on my hard drive, so I couldn't test them (I wrote not tested in this case).

For those who didn't work, I've just noticed "no evolution" is the situation is the same.

I've done all my tests with prefetch + cycle exact + MMU + 14 mo.

I start the demos now.




badmood : double bus/adress arror => cpu halt
badmood 3.07A : black screen instead of the game
badmood 6.02 : 8 bombs

capy : not tested
bunnion : not tested
chainz : not tested

Color runner : no evolution

DownFall : music is perfect now (it was described as very noisy with hatari 1.5)

dryegges : 2 bombs (tos 4). Not tested under emutos.

dusau : not tested

evolution dino dudes : no change

killing impact ! 2 bombs immediatly when I start the game

dldh2 : no more bombs in cycle exact + prefetch mode

men at war : no evolution

Mini F1 demo : no evolution

Moongames : no evolution

Mspeeder.preview : regression, as it exits at start in all Hatari configurations.

Mouse trap : no evolution

pacmania x68000 : the PM*.tos version also flickers for me

Pinball Dreams : no evolution

pingo98 : not tested

Sokoban by FUN : game freeze (black screen) after Bus Error writing at address $ff97fe, PC=$e12bce addr_e3=e12bce op_e3=4ad5

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