Re: [hatari-devel] IDE IO register range access commit

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> I've now had a look, and I think I've successfully fixed the issue
> reported by Uwe, and another crash that occurred when there was only a
> secondary IDE drive attached, without a primary one.
> BTW, the hard disk driver Cecile now also seems to work fine in Falcon
> mode when no IDE drive has been specified (it used to crash with a bus
> error before) :-)

The crash is gone, but strictly speaking there is still something wrong,
or at least unusual:

When I assign an IDE slave drive only, without master drive, the IDE
interface is available and the slave drive is accessible. But a slave
without master is not supported by IDE.

I wonder what the most adequate solution for an emulation would be. Maybe
Hatari should just ignore the assigned slave drive, if there is no master.

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