Re: [hatari-devel] Crash in MS Write when launched from GEMDOS drive

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Hi Roger,

On 9/10/20 6:48 PM, Roger Burrows wrote:
Did this slip by?  To be clear: the problem does not occur with TOS or EmuTOS
on a native drive, only on a GEMDOS drive, so it seems to be a problem with the
GEMDOS drive emulation.  Personally I don't care about MS Write as such, but
there must be some incompatibility there which may affect other programs.
On 30 Aug 2020 at 18:29, Roger Burrows wrote:
I don't know if this has been reported before.  When installed on a GEMDOS
drive, MW Write crashes when launched the second time.  This occurs in TOS
(US) as well as EmuTOS, so I doubt it's an EmuTOS problem ;-).

This is with Hatari 2.2.1 under Linux.  I suspect it's related to a warning
message issued by Hatari when MS Write exits the first time: "WARN: Closing 1
and unforcing 0 file handle() remaining at program 0xXXXXX exit."

Since the v2.2.1 you tested, there have been
these changes in GEMDOS HD emulation:
  - Support FASTLOAD program flag with GEMDOS HD
  - GEMDOS HD emulation cartridge assembly
    functionality is moved almost completely to
    emulator side. Fixes Atari side error handling
    when program file is not readable, and TOS
    stack overflows in some rare cases
  - Detect DTA re-use to reduce DTA cache usage,
    grow cache on demand and give warning if its
    entries need to be re-cycled (= cache max
    size is reached)
  - Invalid DTA in Fsnext() returns -ENMFIL,
    like TOS does
  - Fix: Dsetpath/Dgetpath empty path handling

As can be seen from:

Could you test Hatari git version?

	- Eero

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